Read Carefully before Applying for ISNT Membership

  • Membership of "Indian Society for Non-Destructive for Non-destructive Testing" is only by invitation by ISNT OR nomination / sponsoring through a Life Members of the Society.
  • Please keep the membership number and name of the Life Member who has given verbal consent for nominating you for new membership of the society.
  • Filling of complete form and submission must be done in a single session. Filled form is not saved by the server for completing at latter stage.
  • Please provide your working e-mail ID as e-mail validation information would be sent to the provided e-mail ID.
  • Your application must be approved by the sponsoring / nominating member of ISNT after verifying and satisfying himself / herself regarding your application only after which attempt to be made for making necessary payment.
  • You may need to inform to the nominating member that you have applied for new membership so that he/ she can validate and confirm the eligibility of your membership and also forwarding your application form to the appropriate authority.